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Windows 11 KB5032190 OS Build 22631.2715 (23H2) what’s new

Microsoft has confirmed the November 2023 cumulative update ships with Windows 11 Moment 4 features enabled by default.

Today, as part of the November 2023 Microsoft patch Tuesday a New cumulative update KB5032190 is available for PCs running Windows 11 version 23H2/22H2. Installing Windows 11 KB5032190 advances the build number to 22631.2715, Enables moment 4 features, and brings several bug fixes and improvements. Also, there is new KB5032192 (OS Build 22000.2600) is available for the original release of Windows 11 version 21H2. It is an important security update that downloads automatically on your device, or you can download it from  Settings  >  Windows Updates Check for updates.

Well If you want to skip this particular cumulative update, you’ll need to pause it by hitting on the ‘pause updates’ button for up to 7 days. Also, Windows 11 KB5032190 offline installers are also available for download on the Microsoft Update Catalog.

November 2023 patch Tuesday, what’s new for Windows 11?

Being part of the November 2023 Patch Tuesday update, the focus is on security, Microsoft closes 29 security vulnerabilities, 2 of which are critical and 27 important.

In addition to the Patch Tuesday security fixes, Windows 11 KB5032190 also Enables access to Moment 4 Features, addresses security issues for your Windows operating system and makes miscellaneous security improvements to internal OS functionality.

Windows 11 Moment 4 Features

Windows 11 KB5032190 enables access 150 + moment 4 Features include, Microsoft Copilot, Gallery view in File Explorer, AI tools in Microsoft Paint and Photos app, text extraction in the Snipping tool, cloud backup and restore app, and more.

AI-Powered Copilot

Copilot, built on the Bing chatbot, emerges as a central feature. This sidebar assists in managing computer settings, launching applications, and providing quick answers to queries. It seamlessly integrates with other apps like Outlook for creating text messages.

File Explorer Overhaul

File Explorer receives a significant facelift. A modernized home screen, powered by WinUI, and an enhanced address bar enhance user experience. The introduction of a Gallery view, similar to the Photos app, allows for seamless media management.

Microsoft Paint Gets an AI Boost

Microsoft Paint now boasts AI features and layer support, elevating its capabilities for photo and image editing. New tools like Background Remover and Cocreator, which generate images from text, enhance creative options.

Windows Share Improvements

Windows Share gains the ability to email files through Outlook, making file sharing more efficient. Search capabilities for contacts streamline the sharing process.

Windows Cloud Backup App

A new backup app simplifies the process of transferring apps, desktop settings, and more from an old device to a new one. It offers a seamless transition for Microsoft Store apps and settings.

Revamped Windows Spotlight

Windows Spotlight now allows full-screen image previews, detailed information about showcased images, and deeper exploration through Bing.

Snipping Tool with OCR

The Snipping Tool receives an upgrade with text recognition support. A new “text actions” mode enables copying and redacting text from screenshots.

Photos App Enhancements

The Photos app now includes background blur effects and an improved search functionality, making it easier to find specific images backed up on One Drive.

Clipchamp with Auto-Compose

Clipchamp now utilizes AI to automatically create professional-looking videos based on uploaded photos and videos, making it a valuable tool for social media content creation.

Windows Passkey Manager

Windows 11 introduces support for passkeys, providing a secure method for logging into websites without passwords. This feature enhances security against phishing attacks and is seamlessly integrated with Windows Hello and security keys.

Native Support for Archive Formats

Windows 11 now natively supports popular archive formats (.7z, .rar, .gz, .tar, .bz2, .tgz) using the open-source libarchive project, reducing the need for third-party extraction utilities.

Windows 11 KB5032190 changelog

Installing Windows 11 KB5032190 advance OS Build 22631.2715 includes the following bug fixes and improvements.

This update introduces new customization options for Dynamic Lighting OEMs, allowing them to customize OS images for new PCs, including setting up Dynamic Lighting defaults.

A known issue affecting third-party wallpaper apps is addressed in this update. When Copilot in Windows (in preview) is open, these apps might not work as expected, displaying default or Windows-set wallpapers instead of custom ones.

The English name of the former Republic of Turkey is officially changed to the Republic of Türkiye, and the update supports the currency change in Croatia from the Kuna to the Euro.

Daylight saving time changes in Syria are now supported. Additionally, issues with fontdrvhost.exe and memory leaks in ctfmon.exe and TextInputHost.exe are addressed.

Fixes include addressing Dynamic Lighting issues, where the default provider wasn’t applied as expected, and correcting Windows Firewall Profile misidentification on domain authenticated networks.

Outlook-related problems, such as unresponsiveness when printing to IPP printers and errors with v4 print drivers, are resolved.

The update addresses issues in cellular settings, fixing incorrect mobile operator names. It also updates COSA profiles for specific mobile operators.

Issues blocking external connections during the setup of a Kubernetes load balanced service and preventing device syncing due to a Firewall CSP problem are fixed.

Fixes for Windows Information Protection (WIP) policies and Windows Hello facial recognition issues after a Push-button reset are included. The update also incorporates quarterly changes to the Windows Kernel Vulnerable Driver Blocklist file.

We recommend read the complete changelog here Microsoft support site.

Known issue

Using FixedDrivesEncryptionType or SystemDrivesEncryptionType in BitLocker settings via mobile device management (MDM) apps may incorrectly display a 65000 error in the “Require Device Encryption” setting. This occurs in environments enforcing specific drive encryption policies, impacting Microsoft Intune and potentially other third-party MDMs.

Users still running the original version of Windows 11 are also getting a new update today (KB5032192), but it just includes security improvements and no new features.

Download Windows 11 latest updates

It’s an important update and Microsoft recommends downloading and installing Windows 11 updates immediately on your device. The new build can be downloaded directly from Windows Update. Also, you can download the KB5032190 offline installer if you prefer.

  • Open Windows 11 settings using the Windows key + I
  • Locate Windows Update then hit the check for updates button, you’ll see the following patch:

2023-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 23H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5032190)

  • This will start downloading Windows 11 KB5032190 update files from the Microsoft server,
  • Once done, click on install now, and when prompted restart your PC to apply the updates.

Download KB5032190 for windows 11

  • Windows 11 KB5032190 (OS Build 22631.2715) offline installer Direct Download Link.
  • Windows 11 KB5032192 (OS Build 22000.2600) offline installer Direct Download Link.

The above link redirects to the Windows update catalog, it’s a library of updates published by the tech giant in the past several months. You can search the above KB package in the catalog and click on the ‘download’ button to grab the offline installer.

The offline installer is offered in .msu file format. To get started, simply double-click on the file and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are looking to download Windows 11 ISO click here.

If you face any difficulty while installing Windows updates, is stuck checking for hours. Or the Windows 11 KB5032190 update failed to install with different errors check out this post.

Source: Microsoft

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