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Windows 10 21H2 Upgrade stuck at Choose your keyboard layout screen

While installing or upgrading Windows 10 Version 21H2 PC stuck at Choose your keyboard layout screen? Selecting the keyboard layout didn’t show the next screen or there is no way to go back the previous window. Also, users report they are not able to operate even the mouse or keyboard at this screen and thus, they can’t select anything on this screen and are stuck in the process.

The situation may seem unexplainable, May various reasons that can cause this problem Where “Windows 10 Upgrade stuck at Choose your keyboard layout screen” it may be the installed Device driver not compatible with the newer windows version, System files get corrupted while upgrade process, May Any windows update bug causing the issue And more the most common I personally found this can be a potential driver issue.

Upgrade stuck at Choose your keyboard layout screen

To Fix the issue you need to boot from an installation media to Access Advanced options. If you don’t have then Create Windows 10 Installation media or Bootable USB using media Creation Tool. When you Ready with installation Media (DVD / Bootable USB) plug it in your device which is facing the problem and reboot the device. Press Any key to boot from installation media, Skip the first screen and on the next screen click on Repair your computer.

windows 10 repair your computer

Select Troubleshoot -> Advanced options And click on the command prompt.

Windows Advanced Options

This should open advanced command prompt Where you can perform the Command below to repair the Master boot record file, and rebuild the Boot Configuration Data And check The Disk Drive Errors

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd
bcdboot c:\windows /s c:
chkdsk c: /f

fix bootrec Errors

Once done with the above commands, restart your computer and check The upgrade proceed where you left. Or if you still get stuck at the Choose your keyboard layout screen The only way left for you is Get back to the previous version. To Do this Again Access Windows 10 Advanced options, click on Go Back to the Previous Build option And follow on-screen instructions.

Go back to the previous version of windows 10

Also, use the Official Windows Upgrade Assistant or Media creation Tool For smooth And Error Free Upgrade process. I hope this time you get succeed to Upgrade Windows 10 April 2021 update Version 21H2. If the problem is still not fixed Then it may be A update bug causing the issue, Or incompatible drivers installed on the previous windows version which may be causing the issue. We recommend Well prepare your System before upgrade or Wait few more days to let windows 10 version 21H2 to receive few more updates and became more stable OS.

Did these solutions helped to fix “Windows 10 Upgrade stuck at Choose your keyboard layout screen” ? Let us know on the comments below Aslo Read Can’t connect to this network error on Windows 10 version 21H2.

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