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Fix The print spooler service is not running Error In Windows 10

Getting The print spooler service is not running, Print Spooler Error 0x800706b9 on Windows 10 computer, Due to this Error Unable to print out pages. Unable to Print and Print spooler service keep stopping automatically, print spooler service not running issue Mostly Occur due to the incorrect/outdated printer driver, print spooler service stopped due to malware/virus infection etc. If you are also suffering from this print spooler Error Here apply bellow solutions to get rid of this.

Before Apply The solutions first what understand the Error, What is Print spooler and why it stops randomly? The print spooler is a Windows service that manages all the print jobs you send to your printer. If the service isn’t running, your printer won’t work. Due To incorrect dependence setting, Virus malware infection or outdated driver sometimes print spooler stop working, Which result user unable to send print command.

Fix print spooler service is not running Error

After Understand What is the print spooler service, How it works and why it stops working? Here apply Bellow solutions to fix print spooler service is not running, Print spooler service keeps stopping, Print Spooler Error 0x800706b9 on Windows 10 computer.

Uninstall unnecessary printers

Start from Basic troubleshooting Only keep the required printer drivers which is in use, and uninstall other printer drivers that may conflict with working printers. You can uninstall unnecessary printers from Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers. Here select, right-click the unused printer and select remove device as shown below image. Next click yes when confirm popup box appear with a message are you sure want to remove this device. That’s all, do the same with all unnecessary printers then restart windows and check print spooler error solved.

Remove printer from device and printers

Restart Print Spooler service

As The Error mention print spooler not running, There might Print Spooler stops working, There might be print spooler service not set to start automatically at startup or has had an error occur, the first thing we should try to fix it is to simply restart the service And set the service to start automatically at startup.

Start/ Restart Printer Spooler Service

First press Win + R, then type Services.msc and hit enter key. this will open Windows services. Here scroll down and look for print spooler service. Double click on print spooler when you got it. Now on the Startup Type, make sure that “Automatic” is selected. Then check the Service status If its stopped then simply click on start button to run the service.

restart print spooler service
Or if its running then simply stop the service and start again. This will restart your Print Spooler service, and hopefully, it will get back to its working state.

Change Recovery options

If Print Spooler service keeps stopping, you might be able to fix it by changing the Recovery options.

  • Click Start, type Services.msc in Search box
  • Double-click Printer Spooler in the list
  • Go to Recovery tab and Select Restart the Service in Subsequent Failures field.
  • This will restart the print spooler service whenever it fails
  • Go to Dependencies’ tab and check all depending services are started state
  • If require start all dependencies services

restart subsequent failures

Check Remote Procedure Call services are running

After restart the print spooler service still getting print spooler not running error then we recommend to check the remote procedure call services are running. some Users reported that Remote Procedure Call services can also cause problems with Print Spooler, therefore you need make sure that these services are running properly. To do that, follow these steps:

Open Services window and make sure that Print Spooler service is running. In addition, check if the service is set to Automatic startup. Locate Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service and check if its Startup type is set to Automatic. Double click Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator service to open its properties. When Properties window opens, set the Startup type to Automatic and click the Start button to start the service. Also we recommend to restart windows once to take effect the changes you have done.

Clear Printer Spooler Files

Sometimes Print Spooler service can keep stopping due to Print Spooler files, and one way to fix this problem is to remove those files. Before you can remove these files, you need to disable Print Spooler service by following these steps:

  • Click Start, type Services.msc in Search box or Click WIN+Q, type “Services.msc” in the open box
  • Services can be found under Computer Management on older operation system (Windows XP)
  • Double-click Printer Spooler in the list
  • Click Stop and click OK.
  • Open C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS

Clear Printer Spooler Files

  • Delete all files in PRINTERS folder
  • Disconnect the printer from Computer
  • Go to windows services and Start Printer Spooler Service
  • Plug the printer back in And check this time printer print the pages without any error.

Reinstall/update your printer drivers

Above solutions are the best working solutions to Fix print spooler service is not running Error In Windows 10. If after apply these solutions still getting same problem then we need to check some external source like check installed printer driver for compatible issue. And In some cases you can fix this problem simply by updating your printer drivers.

To update your printer driver, simply visit your printer manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your printer. After installing the latest driver check if the problem is resolved. Some users are suggesting to remove your printer driver completely and then install the latest driver, so you might want to try that as well.

Registry tweak to fix print spooler

At last you can modify windows registry to fix print spooler error. for this you need to open the windows registry editor by following bellow.

Press Win + R, Type regedit and hit enter key to open Windows Registry Editor. Now Navigate to the following key.


In the right pane of this location, look for the multi-string (REG_MULTI_SZ), named DependOnService and double click on the same.  Here under value data, there are two dependency terms for the service enlisted one per line. You have to delete the http value here. Leave the RPCSS part as it is. After making the modification, click OK. You may now close the Registry Editor and reboot to get the issue fixed.

Registry tweak to fix print spooler

These are some Best working solutions to fix print spooler service is not running, Print Spooler Error 0x800706b9, Print spooler keeps stopping Error on Windows computer. I hope after apply these solutions your problem ( print spooler not running ) will get solved. Still have any query, suggestion about this post feel free to comment below. Also read

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