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Clean install windows 10 version 2004 May 2020 Update Step by step guide

Recently Microsoft Roll out windows 10 May update version 2004 with lots of new features, security improvements. And this is a Free Upgrade means if your windows 10 machine connected to Microsoft server then your machine automatically upgraded to Windows 10 version 2004. Also, Microsoft released an official upgrade Assistant and media Creation Tool to make upgrade process much smoother. But if you are Still using Windows 7 or 8.1 and looking for Switch to windows 10 here how to upgrade Win 10 2004 update or clean install windows 10 manually.

Minimum System Requirement for Windows 10 2004

Before performing clean Install Windows 10 may 2020 update first check and make sure your computer hardware meets the minimum system requirement to install windows 10. Here below are the minimum System Requirement to install windows 10 2004.

Processor 1GHz or faster CPU or System on a Chip (SoC).
RAM 1GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit.
Hard drive space 32GB for 64-bit or 32-bit.
Graphics DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.
Display resolution 800×600.
Networking Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter.
Processor features Compatible with the x86 or x64 instruction set.
Support for PAE, NX and SSE2.
Support for CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, and PrefetchW for 64-bit OS installation.
Intel Up to 9th Generation Intel Processors (Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9-9xxK).
Intel Xeon E-21xx.
Intel Atom (J4xx/J5x and N4x/N5x).
AMD Up to AMD 7th Generation Processors (A-Series Ax-9x & E-Series Ex-9x & FX-9x).
AMD Athlon 2xx processors.
AMD Ryzen 3/5/7 2x.
AMD Opteron.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 850.
Storage Storage controllers must support booting using the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) and implement device paths as defined in EDD-3.
Storage host controllers and adapters must meet the requirements for the device protocol used and any requirements related to the device storage bus type.
Bus-attached controllers must implement the correct class/subclass code as specified in the PCI Codes and Assignments v1.6 specification.
Display Depth of 32 bits on each output simultaneously.
Minimum diagonal display size for the primary display of 7-inches or larger.

system requirement check for windows 10 install

Pre-Requirement for Windows 10 Installation

  • Windows 10 Installation Media / Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive
  • CD / DVD Drive / USB DVD ROM Drive

If you don’t have an Installation media you can download and use the Windows Media Creation Tool. Using this tool you can Create an installation media like DVD or Make your USB bootable.

Also, Make sure To backup all your data or move to a safe location because during installation the system drive data will be erased.

Clean Install Windows 10 may 2020 update

When you ready with Installation media now follow below steps to perform clean install windows 10.

  • First Insert installation media or Connect your Bootable USB drive to Windows 10 or Windows 8 /7 PC,
  • Now Set your BIOS setting your computer to boot from a DVD or USB Drive,
  • To do this Access the bios setting Restart the system while restart press F2, F12, Or del key,
  • Here you will have to change the boot order,
  • If your device uses Secure Boot/UEFI, you will have to change it to Legacy,
  • Use the 4 arrow keys on your keyboard, navigate to the Boot tab and change the settings,
  • Disable Secure Boot, enable the Legacy option and set Boot List option to Legacy,
  • Next move set CD/DVD or USB Storage Device to the first position and set it to be the first device to boot from.

Change Boot options on BIOS

  • After making the changes press F10 key to make save changes.
  • Once you have done this, with your USB connected or media drive to your laptop/ desktop, restart the System.
  • your computer will boot from the installation media and display the following screen.
  • Choose the Language to install, the Time & Currency format and the Keyboard or Input method, and click on Next.


  • On next window click on Install Now.
  • You will be presented with the License terms, Accept it and click on Next.
  • Now select the type of installation you want.
  • Do you want to upgrade your existing Windows installation and keep the files and settings, or do you want to Custom install Windows?
  • Since we want to go in for fresh or clean install windows 10, select Custom Install.

windows 10 custom install

  • Next, you will be asked the Partition where you want to install Windows 10.
  • Select your partition carefully and click Next.
  • If you did not create a partition earlier, this setup wizard also lets you create one now.
  • After Create partitions select the drive you want to install windows click next.
  • Windows 10 installation will start.

Installing Windows 10

  • It will copy setup files, install features, install updates if any, and finally clean up the residual installation files.
  • Once this is done, your PC will restart.

Check Bellow posts If Installation process failed with different Errors

Configure Windows 10 Installation

Then perform getting device Ready it will take some time to complete 100%. Next Windows 10 will ask you a few basic questions about your preferences. Before completing the installation and taking you to the Windows 10 desktop.

You log in for the first time you’ll be prompted to accept the “Express Settings” or click the tiny link to “Customize settings”. You should definitely click “Customize settings” to see what Microsoft has set as the defaults and confirm whether you want them set as they are.  Use Express settings. you can also Customize settings for how you want to set these settings.

Turn On or Off the Personalization and Location settings you would like, Turn On or Off the Browser and protection and Connectivity and error reporting settings that you want, and click/tap on Next.

The final screen shows you the four new default Windows apps for photos, web browsing, music, and movies/TV. If you click “Let me choose my own default apps” it doesn’t actually let you choose the apps at this moment but merely allows you to uncheck one or all of the four default app selections.

When each user signs in for the first time, they will see the first sign-in animation below before reaching their desktop.

This Will Take some Time to configure User Desktop. When the entire update procedure is complete, you will be presented with the Windows 10 desktop or tablet interface depending on your device.
Now after installation complete, we have to Activate the windows to access full features.

Activate Windows 10

If you have upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8.1 or 7 most time this will Activate windows automatically. And for the users who perform a clean installation and purchased genuine windows 10 license key, you can use the same to activate windows 10.

You can simply activate Windows 10 by going to Settings -> Update & security -> Activation and selecting Change Product Key.  Here enter your product key.

If you face any difficulty install windows 10 or Have any query feel free to discuss on comment below. Alos Read

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