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How To Fix driver overran stack buffer windows 10 Blue Screen Error

Windows 10 had a number of issues at the time when it was first released. Microsoft has tried long and hard trying to fix all the reasons After a while when Microsoft started pushing updates, some errors were solved but there were plenty of them which weren’t. And blue Screen of Death is one of them still irritated to users. Sometimes While users turn on the Windows 10 System this will show a Blue screen showing

Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re Just Collecting Some Error info, And then we’ll restart for you. stop code: driver overran stack buffer windows 10 Bsod Error.

This blue screen error can crash all active programs and force your PC to restart to avoid permanent damage. Most of the time Users Reported  After Install Recent Updates windows Won’t Start and show the blue Screen Error. Or sometimes after installing a new application, and maybe this blue screen can appear while playing games on the system. This error can appear for different kinds of reasons like memory issues, virus infections, compatibility issues of the Windows 10 .

BSoD errors can cause many problems on your PC or some times system became unusable like restart frequently. Therefore it’s important that you fix these errors as soon as possible. If you also suffering from this error here We have some tips to fix the DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER Blue Screen error on Windows 10.

Fix driver overran stack buffer windows 10

Make sure Windows have installed the latest updates

Blue Screen of Death errors can be caused by both hardware and software issues, and Microsoft Release updates day to day to fix these issues for windows. Many of these updates address hardware and software issues, but they fix certain security flaws, therefore if you want your PC to be safe and free from errors it’s highly recommended that you use Windows Update and download the latest updates.

To check for the latest available updates for windows follow the below steps. Click on the start menu and select settings- click on Update & Security from the settings window.

Here click on check for updates below to update status. this will check for available updates and install them. Now, After install updates check hope you didn’t get any blue screen error. if still face the same blue screen error here follow the next step.

Boot Windows into Safe mode

Safe mode is an inbuilt troubleshooting feature that disables unnecessary and programs during the startup process. windows 10 safe mode loads the operating system with a minimal set of system device drivers just enough to boot windows os and in safe mode the start-up programs, add-ones, etc do not run.

Uninstall the problematic software

 Third-party software can also cause BSoD errors to appear, If the error started to appear, immediately after you installed an application or install a new driver, Then there is a chance that this new program could be causing the error. for this, you have to uninstall the program, then evaluating your system.

To uninstall a Recently installed application on the start menu search type uninstall and select programs and features.

This will open the uninstall or change program window now select the program you want to install and remove it.

Users also reported that the Rapport plug-in for Internet Explorer can cause DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER error, so be sure to remove this plug-in. Another application that can cause this error is Folder Lock, therefore we advise you to remove it from your PC.

Make sure that you have the latest drivers installed

Drivers are a key part of the operating systems because Windows 10 uses drivers in order to work with your hardware. If the certain driver is outdated or corrupted, that can cause DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER Blue Screen of Death error to appear. Incompatibility is most likely to occur if you have recently upgraded your OS to Windows 10. Drivers may also become corrupt without any obvious reason.

To check if the error is caused by a faulty drive, run an automatic driver update or manually update the drivers to the latest available versions. Install the latest drivers for any newly installed hardware device. If no new hardware has been installed, make sure you have the latest drivers for the below devices.

  • Video card
  • Network card or router (if present)
  • Any removable or external disk drive

To manually update a driver, follow these steps: click on the search box in the start menu. Type in the search box “Device Manager” and press enter key. when “Device Manager” is opened here you will find all active devices. You just have to find the device which is yellow marked.


Right-click on the device and select update driver software and follow the instruction to get driver updates. if you didn’t find any update for the driver you can uninstall it from here. Download the best driver for the specific device from the manufacture’s website and install it.

Repeat these steps for all drivers that you want to update.

Using the Device Manager to update your drivers is simple, but that might not be the best solution. According to users, Device Manager doesn’t always download the latest drivers. So if you want to have the latest drivers installed, it’s advised that you download the necessary drivers manually. To do that, simply visit your hardware manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your device.

Run a sfc utility to repair corrupted files

SFC utility will remove most windows problems. System File Checker is a free utility that allows users to scan for corruption in Windows system files and restore corrupted files. Once system files are missing or damaged, your PC may not operate as well.

It is possible to be due to the corrupted system files or missing system files you will getting this “DRIVER OVERRAN STACK BUFFER” Blue Screen Error. In this case, you can use SFC /Scannow Command to check the file system. If this System File Checker finds out the protected files are overwritten by incorrect files, it will extract the correct system file from the system file backup (namely dllcache) and replace the incorrect file. This command is useful to repair system files, and you can do the following steps:

First of all, you will have to Open Command Prompt as Admin. Press Windows + X or Right Click on Start Button to Click on Command Prompt (Admin).

Now Type “sfc /scannow” and hit enter.

Run system file checker

This will scan your system for all its important system files, and replace them where necessary.  Wait until Windows scans and repairs system files. When the System file check and repair is completed, restart your computer and check if your computer works smoothly.

Check your RAM and other hardware components

Your hardware can often cause these types of errors, and if you installed any new hardware recently we advise you to remove it or replace it and check if that fixes the error. If your hardware is not compatible with your motherboard, your system will crash and you’ll get a BSOD error.

Faulty hardware can also cause this error to appear. Therefore we strongly advise you to check your RAM since RAM can be the common cause for these types of errors. If your RAM is working properly, be sure to check all other hardware components.

A common cause for BSoD errors can be your antivirus software, and in order to fix this error, We advise you to temporarily remove all third-party antivirus programs. Bear in mind that uninstalling the program might not fix the error since many antivirus programs tend to leave certain files behind once you uninstall them. To ensure that your antivirus is completely removed from your system, we advise that you use a dedicated removal tool. Many antivirus companies have these tools available for download, so be sure to download one for your antivirus software.

Restore System To previous Working state

One of the Most Useful Features in Windows is Restore Point. If you already have Created Restore Point earlier when your computer was working fine, Then it’s the right time to utilize that restore point. Do not have Restore point then Read Here How To Create system Restore point windows 10 , 8.1 and 7.

For New Windows Users, You need to open Control Panel, and in the top right search bar, Type “Recovery”. Now click on it and then you will see the open System Restore option. Click Next and choose your restore point.

click next this will restore your system when your system running fine.

This is One useful Feature, It helps you to take your PC back to the point where your PC was running absolutely fine. That is why one must always Create a Restore Point on a windows PC, it is of great help.

These Are Some Best Tips To Fix DRIVER OVERRAN STACK BUFFER Blue Screen Error on Windows 10 Computer. Any Query, Suggestion or new ways to fix this error feel free to comment below.

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