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[Fix] Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable In Windows 10

If you are suddenly disconnected from the internet connection, No Internet connection after the recent windows update and can’t get online in Windows 10. For Troubleshooting purpose While run the Windows Network Diagnostics Tool from right-click on Ethernet / WiFi symbol and select Troubleshoot problems, it results s “Your DNS server might be unavailable (Not fixed)”, Here we have some tips to fix this DNS Server Might Be Unavailable problem on Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7.

Also While trying to browse the internet, you may have encountered the error that says, DNS Server is Not Responding. It may also show up with the website’s name along with the message ‘Server DNS Address Could Not be Found.’ Its all about the DNS problem. Let’s first understand What is DNS, How It works on Windows and the internet. And some applicable solutions to fix DNS issues.

What Is DNS?

DNS Stand For Domain Name System, In Computer Networking  DNS is a basic element for propagation. DNS simply resolves human-readable domain names into machine-readable IP form, and vice versa. Thus if your machine can’t communicate with the DNS server, the Internet would not work on your system. This mostly occurs due to incorrect DNS server Address, Corrupted DNS cache, virus malware infection etc.

Fix DNS Server Might Be Unavailable Error

After understand What is DNS? How it works on Windows, And why DNS Server Might Be Unavailable, DNS server not responding error occurs. Let’s apply bellow solutions to get rid of this DNS server Error on Windows 10. While open some web page on google chrome, It results DNS server unavailable on windows 10 then try to open the same page in the Different browser. Also, Confirm That your internet connection is working fine then follow these below steps.

Note: Bellow solutions are applicable to fix DNS server Issue on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8 and Windows 7.

Power cycle both your router and computer

Start with Basic Troubleshooting Restart The device will fix most problems automatically on windows computers. And Power cycling both your windows and your router, Modem can reset their static memories, Which potentially fix the DNS server not responding, DNS server might be unavailable issue. To power cycle, your router and your computer, unplug each of the two devices from their power sources and then leave them in an unplugged state for anywhere between 60 – 90 seconds. Then, plug them back into their power sources, boot them up, wait for them to start up completely and then try opening a website check problem solved. If not fallow the next step,

Flush DNS cache And Reset the TCP/IP stack

If after Power cycle both Computer and router ( modem ) still having the same DNS Server Might Be Unavailable issue Then Flush DNS cache and Reset the TCP/IP Stack can help to fix this issue. You can Do the same By the following below.

First, open Command prompt as administrator. You can click on start menu search type cmd, right-click on Command prompt from search results and select run as administrator. Now Type bellow commands one by one and hit the enter key to execute the command.

ipconfig /flushdns ( To Flush and resets the contents of the DNS client resolver cache )

ipconfig /registerdns  ( To registers all related DNS entries ) 

ipconfig /release   ( To Release The current IP Address )

ipconfig /renew     ( To Renew A new IP Address From DHCP server )

Netsh Winsock reset ( To reset Winsock catalog back to default setting or clean state)

That’s All Now Type Exit to Close Command prompt and Restart windows compute the Take effect the changes that you applied through Commands.

flush DNS command

Also If you are Windows 10, After perform Above commands open Settings -> Network and Internet -> Status -> Scroll down and click on Network Reset  -> Reset Now then after Restart windows. This is the most working solution fixed all DNS server related Errors include DNS Server Might Be Unavailable, DNS server not responding etc for windows users.

Change DNS server Address In Windows 10/8/7

Also, change the current DNS Server Address And manually Assign Googles Free DNS Address is also a good applicable solution to fix DNS issues on Windows 10, 8.1/7.

Press Win + R To Open Run, type ncpa.cpl and hit the enter key to open Network Connections window, select your primary / Active network adapter and right click on it, choose Properties. Next, on the Ethernet property, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and then click Properties.

Next on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) property, check Obtain an IP address automatically. Then select Use the following DNS server address and type

Preferred DNS server as and Alternate DNS server as

These values are for Google DNS server. If Google DNS server address doesn’t work, you can use OpenDNS server address. For that, use the respective values for Preferred DNS server as and Alternate DNS server as Check Validate settings on exit option.

Change DNS server Address In Windows 10

Click OK and the settings should be in effect with that, Now Check Internet connection issue solved, There is no more DNS Server Might Be Unavailable, Or DNS server not responding issue.

Disable Security software

Above Two are the most working solution worked for most windows users to fix their DNS server issue. If you are looking some more solutions then Security software may also cause you the DNS issue in connecting your internet. And most of the time if the software is corrupted they would show the- DNS Server Not Responding error. So if the problem arises with the software, this can cause you the issues to block any website to show off or even block the whole network connection in your computer. That cause Fallow bellow solutions.

Perform Full System Scan: Most of the Times Virus malware infection cause number of issues on the windows computer. There may be a malware/virus application cause The DNS server issue. We strongly recommend install a good antivirus application with latest updates and perform a full system scan. The after Restart windows and check, If virus malware is the cause of the DNS server issue After performing full system scan you never face any issues.

Disable Your Firewall: Some people reported that after disabling their firewalls the problem was gone. This could be the solution for you too. Disable your firewall and check for the error.

Repair Corrupted system files: On windows, computer number errors and problems caused due to corrupted and missing system files. Running the SFC Utility is a good solution to Repair and restore the missing system files, Which fix different system issues include DNS server not responding, DNS server might be unavailable.


These are( Flush DNS cache And Reset the TCP/IP stack, manually Change DNS server Address ) the most working solution to fix Any DNS Server Related problems include DNS Server Might Be Unavailable, DNS server not responding issue on Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7. I hope after applying these solutions your DNS server issue will be resolved. Still, have any query, Suggestion About this post Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable In Windows 10 Feel Free to discuss on Comments below. Also, Read from our blog Fix Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Error In Windows 10.

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