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How to fix windows update failed to install reverting changes windows 10

Microsoft regularly releases cumulative updates with bug fixes and security improvements to secure its product. And with Windows 10 Updates are set to install automatically, that means whenever new updates available It will automatically download and install on your system. And these updates apply when you restart your device. By this way, Microsoft makes sure your device is secure with the latest updates. Its welcome addition but a few of users report Windows 10 system gives a message Failure configuring Windows updates, Reverting changes, Do not turn off your computer message. And it stuck for hours.

Windows update failed, reverting changes

If you are also having similar problem Windows update stuck Reverting changes here apply solutions below.

  • The first thing we recommend wait a few more minutes and let windows revert that changes have made with the updates.
  • But if you have wait hours there are no changes, lets forcefully restart windows.
  • Now first Disable security software (antivirus) if installed
  • Disconnect all external devices connected to your PC,
  • Check and make sure Windows installed drive (basically its C) have free space.
  • If due to this problem windows won’t start normally we recommend Boot into safe mode and apply solutions below.

Run Windows Update troubleshooter

Let run the build in Windows update troubleshooter, this will detect and fix the problems prevent Windows updates from installing on your device.

  • Press Windows + I to open the settings app,
  • click update & security, then troubleshoot,
  • here on right-hand side select windows update,
  • And click run the troubleshooter,
  • This will detect the problems prevent windows update install

Windows update troubleshooter

Reset Windows update components

  • Press Windows + R, type services.msc and ok to open services console,
  • Look for windows update service right click and select stop,
  • Again look for BITs And superfetch service, Right click and select stop,
  • Note: if you are on safe mode, then no need to stop these service as these services not start in safe mode boot.
  • Now press Windows + E to Open windows explorer
  • Then navigate C: > Windows > Software Distribution > Download
  • And delete everything inside this download folder, Don’t delete the download folder.
  • To do this press Ctrl + A to select all and press del key to delete them.
Delete windows update files

Don’t worry about these files, These are update cache files, On next time when you check for updates windows update download as fresh files.

  • Now again open windows service console,
  • And restart the services, we have previously stopped,
  • To do this right click on update service and select restart.

Run DISM restore health command

  • Also open command prompt as administrator,
  • Then run DISM restore health command below
  • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  • Let the process complete 100%

DISM restore health command

  • Now run command sfc /scannow and press enter key,
  • This will detect and restore missing corrupt system files,
  • Restart windows after complete the scanning process.
  • That’s all, again open settings, update & security then check for updates.
  • Let windows download and install the update files,

Restart windows to apply the updates check if there is no more problem applying these update.

Did these solutions help to fix failure configuring windows update reverting changes on windows 10? Let us know on the comments below, also read

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