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How to Upgrade or Download Windows 11 (Official ways)

The official release of Windows 11 has taken place as free upgrade for compatible windows 10 devices. If you’re unsure if your device meets Windows 11 minimum system requirements or if windows 10 PC is eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft offers a handy PC Health Check app that tells you if your device is compatible or not, and details which blocking components it has. you may be, and whether it is possible to eliminate the incompatibility.

The latest Windows 11 OS has received many improvements and changes. Some of new additions include widgets panel, Snap Groups and Snap Layouts, a Centered taskbar and start menu, A new, more Mac-like interface, Integrated Android apps, Microsoft Teams integration, redesigned Microsoft store and more.

Check Your PC Compatibility for windows 11

Microsoft has revised the system requirements for Windows 11 very seriously, as a result, many devices running Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows will not be compatible with Windows 11. To check the possibility of a free upgrade to Windows 11, interested users can download and run the official Windows 11 PC Health Check application. Also, An open-source app called WhyNotWin11 is a good alternative to the PC Health Check app.

windows 11 PC health check

How to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11

If your PC meets Windows 11 minimum system requirements and PC health check tool show a green signal then you can upgrade windows 10 to windows 11 via windows update. Also you can use the official Windows 11 Setup Assistant or media creation tool to upgrade windows 11 free. Microsoft also makes it available Windows 11 ISO image files for download, if you need for clean installation or create installation media using third-party utility.

Users are advised to at least create a full system backup before installing the update (regardless ofthe  Windows 10 version). If you encounter problems after upgrading the Windows 10 operating system to Windows 11, a rollback mechanism is also provided .

Using Windows Update

The upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will be gradual. Microsoft says existing Windows 10 devices that are eligible to upgrade to Windows 11 will begin receiving the update as early as possible, but new devices will receive the update for the most part immediately. Microsoft says, “We expect all eligible devices with Windows 10 to be upgraded to Windows 11 by mid-2022.”

  • Open windows settings and Check for the latest updates on Windows Update .
  • If your PC is compatible with Windows 11, then you will see an offer for a ” free upgrade to Windows 11 “.

windows 11 update notification

  • Click Download and install and accept the license agreement to start the update.
  • The upgrade process Upgrading to Windows 11 may take a long time depending on the characteristics of your PC and the speed of your Internet connection.
  • A system restart will be required to complete the installation.

Using the Media Creation Tool

Using the Media Creation Tool, you can download an ISO image and create an installation DVD / USB flash drive that will allow you to upgrade one or more computers to Windows 11, as well as perform a clean installation of the system.

This method will be very useful for users who do not want to rely on automatic updating through Windows Update but decide to perform the update process themselves. The Media Creation Tool will allow you to get Windows 11 on the first day of the release of the update because the phased implementation does not apply to this method.

Windows 11 media creation tool

  • First, visit the Windows 11 official download page here
  • Click download now under create windows 11 installation media
  • This will download the official Windows 11 media creation tool

Windows 11 Setup Assistant

One of the easiest ways to upgrade to Windows 11 without waiting for automatic updates is to use the Windows 11 Setup Assistant utility. Run the tool and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 11.

  • First, download the Windows 11 Setup Assistant utility from the official site here,
  • Right-click on the Setup Assistant and select run as administrator,
  • The utility first checks the system and hardware requirements if it passes, prompt for license agreement. Click Accept and Install to continue.
  • The Installation Assistant downloads the required files from the Microsoft server and then automatically moves on to installing the files.
  • This download and installation process could take 30 minutes to hour. Make sure your system can stay on during this period and that you don’t leave any unsaved work.
  • Windows 11 Installation Assistant will schedule a time to restart and finalize your upgrade. You can restart immediately if you’d prefer.

windows 11 installation assistant

Download Windows 11 disk image (ISO file)

Microsoft has released ISO images that will speed up the update and perform a clean install of Windows 11.

On the official page, in the Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) section, you can download a disk image (ISO file) that can be used to install or reinstall Windows 11, as well as create installation media using a USB flash drive or DVD.

windows 11 ISO download

Which way to download and install Windows 11 will you choose? Is your computer compatible with the new OS? Share your choice and experience of installing Windows 11 in the comments.

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