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How To Completely delete WordPress plugin From Database!

Are you Looking to Uninstall or remove some plugins from your WordPress Dashboard, But You cannot delete a WordPress plugin in your WordPress admin panel. Or You have tried to delete the directory via FTP but the plugin still appears. Here this post we discuss How To Completely delete the WordPress plugins From the Database!

Those who won’t be aware of these WordPress plugins are the main reason for the success of their WordPress Site. That adds additional functionalities to your WordPress website. This means If you need any additional features for your WordPress site, then you can simply install and activate the related plugin to your WordPress.

Basically whenever you are looking to uninstall or remove plugins the simple way to do is to log in to your WordPress Dashboard and open plugins. This will list all installed plugins, Simply deactivate the plugin first which you want to remove then select Delete.

Completely delete WordPress plugin

But sometimes users report being unable to uninstall WordPress plugin, While uninstalling a plugin it displays “Can’t delete a WordPress plugin error”

Can’t delete a WordPress plugin

If you are struggling with this error Can’t delete a WordPress plugin, and you are unable to uninstall plugins in your WordPress site.

Reason: Sometimes what actually happens is that some plugins come with hidden and nested files, that’s why it becomes difficult to delete them. These files are the main cause for the occurrence of unable to uninstall the WordPress plugin error. Even if in case you try to deactivate the plugin using FTP or the WordPress admin area, the files won’t get deleted. It is still available in WordPress.

Solution: Even if you try to delete the plugin using the WordPress admin area or using FTP the hidden and nested files won’t be deleted. So, the plugin which you deleted is still available on your WordPress. Here is the quick way to fix the issue “cant Delete WordPress Plugin Error 

First of all, try to access the file directories of the blog via third-party FTP clients such as Filezilla or cPanel

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:
Download Filezilla and install it on your system.
Run Filezilla and connect to your WordPress blog’s FTP server. For this use your ftp login and password of the blog.

Once you log in, you’ll have access to all the blog’s server files. Navigate to the directory /public_html/wp-content/plugin and delete the directory of the buggy plugin. Once you’ve deleted the plugin, you should be able to access your blog’s interface.

Delete plugin via Secure Shell

If you’re good with command-line interfaces, you can also use programs like putty to get access to the internal file system of the blog. These programs use SSH (Secure Shell) protocol to connect to the WordPress Server.
Download and install an SSH client such as putty. Run the program and you shall have an interface similar to this:

Enter the server’s IP in the Host Name and click on open.
A shell window shall appear. Navigate to the “../wp-content/plugins/” directory using SSH commands.
Use the command “ls –al” to see a full list of folders.

Delete the particular plugin folder with rm (Folder Name).

That’s all let us know these tips help to Completely delete the WordPress plugin From the Database? Also, Read Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial ( Step by Step Guide)

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