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How To Delete System Restore Points In Windows 10

Windows computer running out of hard disk space even after clearing out the temporary folder and other junk files? This can cause by the number of old Systems Restore point Copies. lowering the disk space allotted to System Restore, delete the System Restore snapshots which include previous versions of files, or Upgrading the hard disk is the ultimate solution though. In this post, we discuss How To Delete System Restore points to save and free up disk spaces.

About System Restore feature

I hope you are very well about Windows system Restore point Feature. For those who don’t aware of the feature, In Windows operating system, System restores point is a very Helpful Feature that creates snapshots of certain files and information before critical operations such as updates or software installations take place. If After performing any certain action you face a deep problem then you can get back setting into the earlier date without losing any personal data by performing System Restore.

WARNING: While deleting restore points is safe, remember that you won’t be able to restore your PC to an earlier date. We suggest you delete all restore points only when your PC is running out of disk space.

Delete Old System Restore Points In Windows 10

System Restore Is Very Helpful to get rid of different problems by revert back to the previous version, But The feature will occupy MB or GB space for their restore point on their computer PC. Whether your computer PC running out without disk space, you can choose to delete all or particular restore files to make free disk space on your Windows computer.

Note: Bellow points are applicable to All Windows Versions include windows 10/8. and 7.

Delete all restore points in Windows 10

Press Win + R, Type Sysdm.cpl, and hit enter key to open system properties then click on system protection. Or you can open Control panel -> System and Security > System and click on System protection.

Next under Protection Settings, select the System Disk and then click Configure As Shown Bellow image.

Delete all System Restore points

Finally, Under the Disk Space Usage section, click the Delete button. Click the Continue button when you see the warning dialog to continue deleting all restore points for the selected drive. (Note: This includes system settings and previous versions of files )

Confirm to Delete all System Restore points

After deleting all Old restore points, we recommend To create a new restore point so that you can restore your PC to the current date if and when required.

Delete Restore Point Using Disk Cleanup

Also, you Can Delete All System Restore points and Shadow Copies using Advanced Disk Cleanup Tool. Open This pc, Right Click on System Drive select properties. Under General Tab click on Disk Cleanup, Select the System Drive ( C:) then Ok. This Will Start the cleaning process for Junk, Cache, System Error files. After that click on Cleanup System Files.

Cleanup System Files On Disk Cleaner

Again Select C: Drive the Let Windows To perform Advanced Cleanup. Then After this will Represent the Cleanup Window- Move to More Options Tab and Click on Clean Up Under System Restore and Shadow Copies As shown in Bellow image.

Clean System Restore and Shadow Copies

Deleting a particular Restore Point

Also, Windows allows you to delete a particular restore point using the Vssadmin.exe console tool. For this, you must have to open the Command prompt as administrator Then Type vssadmin list shadows and hit the enter key. This will display all available restore points lists.

command to list all available Restore point list

Now To delete a specific restore point, Copy The Shadow copy ID, Then type the following command:
vssadmin delete shadows /Shadow={shadow copy ID}

Here Replace {shadow copy ID} portion with the appropriate value which you copied previously.

vssadmin delete shadows /Shadow={a60b1082-8e7e-4bf3-bc60-0acc331ead32}

Delete System Restore point using CCleaner

Also, you Can Delete A specific Restore point of All Restore points with one click using Third-party Free Utility Like CCleaner. Simply Download & install CCleaner then Open The application navigate to “Tools -> System Restore.” Here you can select and delete any individual restore points as needed.

I hope the Above Steps are helpful to Delete System Restore points or Cleanup Individual Restore points to Free up Disk Space on a Windows computers. While Perform This action faces any difficulty, Have any query or suggestion Feel Free to discuss on comments bellow. Also, Read Fix Disk Errors with Check Disk Utility(CHKDSK).

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